#nofilter Cathedral of St. John, Upper West Side … wandered with my love yesterday and marveled at this darkly whimsical sculpture garden. #uwsnyc (at Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC)

ELO on a hot summer night…

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flower bunches at Union Square Farmers’ Market… (at Union Square Farmer’s Market)
He’s here. (at Transmitter Park Greenpoint- Kent St Pier)

Otis Redding - A Change is Gonna Come

This is how I’m calming my nerves as I wait for Steven to arrive…

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Places of Pause in a City That Never Sleeps: NYC's Hidden Meditation Spots

My latest piece for Atlas Obscura … where can one find some inner peace in NYC? I’ve got a secret list…

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sisters of the moon - stevie nicks demo, amazing.

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I found an oil painting on St. Mark’s Ave in #crownheights  so I took it  back to my room and “hung it up” .. kind of.
Lark’s Tongue @ St. Vitus in Greenpoint, Brooklyn 8/10/14.
Kayla & I in Greenpoint before the St. VItus show last night.
My Literotic Bookshelf: The American Woman in the Chinese Hat by Carole Maso — The Airship

I wrote this piece in homage to the sexiest writer I know, Carole Maso
#literotica #carolemaso #francophilia #sexyliterature

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The tiny solitary back patio in Crown Heights where I wrote earlier this afternoon. #breukelencoffee #writing #crownheights #backpatiosbrooklyn
Best yearbook club photo ever. Brokentree Latchkey Kidz Class of 2014. #peoria #lovefest #fwends #aintseenthelastofme